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     Ditch the choppy tunes and generic beats! 32Count Fitness gives you the control and flow you crave with a library of 750+ original artist mixes in all formats. Select the perfect playlist for any class in seconds, then seamlessly adjust the tempo on the fly to match your class’s energy. No boring covers, no clunky transitions. Just pure workout-fueling power at your fingertips. Sign up for your free trial today and experience the ultimate fitness music playground!

Stream to Any Device

Stream our mixes to any device, anywhere, at any BPM. No limits, just seamless music to power your workouts. From intense strength sessions to calming yoga flows, we have the perfect soundtrack for every move. Unleash the inner warrior, find your zen, and push your limits – all with one platform. Explore our diverse library today and discover music that moves you!

What Device can I use?

Your fitness music, unleashed on any device.

Phone, tablet, laptop, smart speaker—you name it, we stream it. 32Count Fitness seamlessly flows to any internet-connected device, transforming any space into your personal fitness studio.

Here’s how easy it is to get moving:

  1. Pick your playlist: Explore our vast library and find the perfect soundtrack to match your mood and workout style.
  2. Set the tempo: Dial in the ideal BPM to match your energy level and class goals.
  3. Hit play: With a single tap, the music instantly starts streaming to your device, filling the room with motivation.
  4. Adjust on the fly: Need a mid-workout boost? Change the BPM effortlessly without interrupting the flow.

Whether you’re teaching at the gym, streaming from home, or leading a virtual class, your perfect playlist is always within reach. Experience the freedom of fitness music, unleashed.

 What BPM’s?

  • Customize your workouts like never before! Choose from 14 meticulously crafted BPM options for each playlist, ensuring the perfect tempo for every session. Take control of your music and unleash your inner DJ!
  • Unlike others who limit you to a handful of options, 32Count Fitness gives you the freedom to find the perfect fit for every track, every time. Ramp up the intensity mid-class with a quick BPM bump, or seamlessly transition to cooldown stretches with a gentle tempo shift. Ready to ditch the one-size-fits-all music? Explore our library and discover the power of personalized tempo!

Gapless/Seamless playback

  • Forget choppy transitions! Our playlists flow seamlessly, keeping your class moving and motivated. We’ve pioneered perfected gapless streaming, so your workouts stay smooth and focused. With decades of crafting music for instructors like you, we understand the power of uninterrupted flow. Experience the seamless difference yourself! Sign up for your free trial today and feel the music move you, without a single skip.
  • Others struggle with gapless playback, but we’ve mastered it. Our playlists seamlessly transition, ensuring your workouts stay smooth and focused. Years of making aerobic/fitness music for instructors led us to this, because you deserve uninterrupted flow. Ditch the clunky transitions! Try our platform and feel the music move you, uninterrupted.


 Why Streaming?

Ditch the CDs and downloads. Dive into the seamless flow of 32Count Fitness.

Unlock a world of workout music with just a click. No more juggling CDs or waiting for downloads. Choose your playlist, set your BPM, and let the music move you. It’s that easy.

Here’s why streaming with us is a game-changer:

  • Instant access: No more waiting. Find the perfect soundtrack for every workout, instantly.
  • Endless variety: Explore hundreds of playlists across genres and styles, all at your fingertips.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Adjust the tempo on the fly to match your energy and keep classes motivated.
  • Stream anywhere: Access your music from any device, whether you’re teaching in the studio or leading a virtual class.
  • Always fresh: Stay on top of the latest trends with regular updates and new music additions.

Ready to experience the effortless power of streaming? Join 32Count Fitness today and let the music flow!


Why is Streaming Audio Best for Fitness Instructors?


  • Convenience: Streaming audio is very convenient for both instructors and participants. Instructors can simply press play on their device and start their class, without having to worry about setting up and managing physical media.
  • Flexibility: Streaming audio is also very flexible. This allows them to tailor the workout to the specific needs and interests of their participants.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Streaming audio is a very cost-effective way for fitness instructors to deliver their classes. There is no need to invest in expensive equipment or software, and the monthly subscription fees for streaming services are very reasonable.
  • Scalability: Streaming audio is scalable, so it can be used to deliver classes to any number of participants. This makes it ideal for fitness instructors who want to reach a global audience.

In addition to these benefits, streaming audio also offers a number of specific advantages for fitness instructors:

  • Improved audio quality: Streaming audio services typically offer higher audio quality than traditional MP3 files. This is important for fitness instructors, as they need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with their participants.
  • Gapless playback: Streaming audio services also typically offer gapless playback, which means that there is no pause between songs. This is important for fitness instructors who want to create seamless and engaging workout playlists.
  • BPM control: Some streaming audio services even allow instructors to control the BPM (beats per minute) of their music. This is a valuable feature for fitness instructors who want to create workouts that are synchronized to the music.

Overall, streaming audio is the best option for fitness instructors because it is convenient, flexible, cost-effective, scalable, and offers high audio quality, gapless playback, and BPM control.

From high-energy Step Fitness beats to zen-inducing Yoga flows, 32Count Fitness has the perfect soundtrack for every move you make. Conquer any circuit, spin your way to new heights, and feel the power of every punch with our meticulously crafted mixes. Don’t just exercise, transform your classes with music that moves you! Dive into our diverse library and experience the difference. Let’s get moving!

Fuel your workouts with the passion of Instructor Music creators! For over 20 years, we’ve crafted electrifying, 32-count playlists that get classes pumping. Experience smooth transitions and perfect timing with our signature phrasing, all powered by original artists and chart-topping hits. No generic covers here! Unleash the power of music in your workouts. Dive into and discover how our legacy of pumping playlists elevates your classes!



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