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32Count Fitness is the only streaming company with real Gapless player and the ability to change BPM (Beats Per Minute)/Pitch on the Fly, for Fitness Instructors, Aerobics Instructors, and Workout Instructors. With over 750+ mixes in all Fitness formats. All mixes/songs are in 32Count using Original Artists music. No cover bands here.

Here you can select any Workout Mix in our library, and instantly stream that mix to any device. You can also, change the BPM on the fly to any bpm you want.

All of our music is tracked, so you can start, stop, pause, or jump to any track of your choice.

750+ Workout mixes to choose from

With over 750 mixes in many Fitness formats

32 Count Fitness has got you covered for your classes. Whether you’re teaching Strength Classes, Cycle Classes, Dance Classes, Cardio Classes, Martial Arts Classes, Athletic Training Classes, Yoga Classes, Active Aging Classes, whatever aerobic or fitness class you teach, we have a mix for you.

Stream to Any Device

If your device can access the Internet, you can stream any and all of our mixes to your class, at any bpm you choose.

Can I use Mix and Match a Playlist?

This option is in the works and will be available in the coming months. Our developers are working hard on this option.

I Need My BPM...

We spent over a year in development perfecting our BPM changer, as well as our gapless playback of the mixes in our library. You can choose any BPM you want, On The Fly. The system will play at any BPM you choose, even while the song/track is playing. It will change to any bpm without missing a beat.

What BPM's

Unlike other companies, we offer at least 9 different bpms for each of our mixes, to choose from. You are not limited to just 1 or 2 bpms for all of our mixes. You can even upload your own mixes to our servers, and they will serve that music back to you at any bpm you want.

Why Streaming?

With the 32Count Fitness system, there are no CD’s to purchase, and no downloads to download and get into your player or device. Simply select your mix, your bpm, and click play. That is all there is to it.

Will it work ....

If you have a Device that can connect to the Internet, you can use our streaming service.

Gapless Playback

Yes, every one of our mixes is designed to play gapless. With years of making aerobic/fitness music for instructors, we know gapless playback. Where others have tried and failed to perfect playing gapless music on a streaming platform, we have mastered it.

There is no other service on the planet that can do what 32Count Fitness can do for your classes.

Why 32Count ...

32Count was developed by the founders of Instructor Music. As with Instructor Music, 32Count has 32 count mixes with original artists. We have years of history making 32 count mixes. Mixes that will get your classes pumping.

Our Memberships

What Device Can I Use?

Our system was designed from the ground up for just about any device that can connect to the Internet to use. You can be at home, at the gym, or any where your device has access to the Internet and listen or teach your classes by streaming the mixes directly to your device. It is very user friendly, simply select your mix, select your bpm, and hit play. The system will instantly start streaming to your device. You can change the BPM (Beats Per Minute) on the fly. Yes, on the fly, which means you started the mix at let’s say 130 bpm’s but you really want 136 bpm’s. Just select the 136 BPM in the drop down menu, the stream instantly changes to 136 bpm’s. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

What can I use your mixes for?

From Step, Strength, Cardio, HIIT, Core Conditioning, flexibility, cycling, and dance fitness – fit your schedule with 60-minute workouts.



 We have mixes for almost any exercise class whether it be Step Fitness class, Tabata/ HIIT class, Cycling/Spin Class, Aerobic class, Kick Boxing, Circuit, Cardio Barre, Yoga, etc. Our mixes are designed to work with all formats. Your exercise or fitness class will be glad you chose 32Count Fitness for your music.

Isn’t this available on iTunes or Spotify or from some other aerobic music company?

In simple terms, No

Our system was built from the ground up specifically for fitness/aerobic instructors. Which means our player plays mixes without gaps. iTunes cannot stream, it can only be downloaded to your player. While Spotify has lots of songs, Spotify’s player cannot play gapless, and for classes that teach to a 32count, will cause the count to be off and will cause your class to not be happy. No other fitness music company can stream their own mixes to you, let alone other companies music from our servers streamed to you. Yes, you read that correctly, not only can our system stream our own mixes to you gapless and tracked, but it can also stream your own mixes from other companies to your device.

Streaming to You

Now that you have seen what we can do. Are you ready to get streaming your workout music to your classes?

Have a club?

We can provide streaming for all your instructors, with one simple account.

With over 750 mixes ready to stream and more added every week. We have something for everyone.

Ready to get started?

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